Welcome to my Life!
You've opened my page, I see. Welcome to my Life. :)
I'm Karlie, and I'm 17 years old. I enjoy life the fullest and I have many interests, music is my main. Enjoy!
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It kills when those times you were together play back as movies in your head… Just want her to call me and us work everything out.. I love her more then anythnig.. 

Doing your homework for you… 💜 Just hoping you call, and we work everything out and get back to normal. That’s all I want.

Anonymous asked: Why did you lose your gf


I was and I am stupid, and lied to her about something small.. that I should have just told the truth. I hate myself right now and would do anything it took to take it back and start over.. I love her with everything in me, and without her I just don’t feel alive.. I feel dead.. I just don’t know what I’ll do now. I just want her back as mine.. I can’t picture life without her.. She was the missing puzzle piece to my life.. and now it’s gone again.. I thought about it a lot today, and finally got some sense knocked into my brain today. And I just wish she knew that.. I just wish she would give me another chance.. My life revolved around her. I’ll always love her. 

Anonymous asked: Youre gf is sexy


Umm, First off its your* not the term you’re that’s you are. the ’  takes place of the a.. you said you are girlfriend is sexy… makes no sense… second off : Thank you very much. But unfortunately we aren’t together :( . But I’m going to fight to get her back… I can’t lose her i love her with everything in me. 

Anonymous asked: BOOOOOOO


Boo who? Boo you… 

Anonymous asked: Why are you so ugly?


Why don’t you ask it without being anonymous, and then maybe I’ll answer you. By the way,  words like that really don’t phase me, I appreciate you telling me that I’m ugly though :). Gives me something to laugh at. 

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